Friday, December 19, 2008


Whispers of Dreams
Dreamt long ago
Fly by in the night
A chilly white wind
Gives them startled flight
Over barren fields
Frozen dirt where golden
Stalks once stood
Past rushing waters
Six months before held
Calm bubbling brook
Through partial open doors
A barn that once was
Only now it bears witness
To years past, neglected; sad
Through broken window pane
Lifting higher, higher
Snaking up rough old bark
Winding over evergreen
Back and forth
As if the needle were a violin
The dreams a bow
What is their "purpose"
Where shall they go?
Their sad song
Abandons forest, again taking flight
The pace quickens
Becomes panicked, searching
Are they to be lost for Good
Peeking in a candle-lit window
Urgently to wonder
If merit they held
Would hope beckon them
Home where they would take
Or would they march
Sullen and silent
Into frost tipped grass
Interrupted by gray slabs
With numbers, years
And dreams they once

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kicking Off the Ho-Ho-Holidays

Good afternoon~

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with their family! I know that ours was very nice! We were lucky enough to enjoy a day at my Mom & Phil's house, complete with Trask, Shauna, Taylor, Phil Sr., Judy and Glen. A fun time was had by all- I think the best part was seeing the kiddos play together- they were way too cute. And, they are two troublemakers in the making. They totally are on the same page as far as doing naughty things, and they cover for each other. Too funny! We just loved watching them do their thing- even if it is tiring!

Today Trask, Shauna and Taylor were kind enough to come and visit me after they went downtown to watch the parade and see Santa! They even bought me 2 dougnuts-- what more could a girl ask for??? Thanks, guys!

Now that the holidays are here, and I'm looking plump as a holiday goose, I will make the official announcement that Aaron & I are expecting again! Yeah! It is a surprise, but God is in control and every child is a blessing. Stay tuned for musings and pictures of my ever growing Santa belly. No kidding, it feels like a bowl full of jello right now. I hate this stage- you just look like you got fat super quick- not preggo though. Uh, akward... :-)Anyway, we are excited!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My nephew is too darned cute!

So, this is a short blog, but a funny one. Last week, Trask took Shauna and Taylor down to Astoria to celebrate Shauna's birthday. They stayed at a great hotel that is classy and historical. Well, my darling nephew Taylor, in an attempt to both have a history lesson as well as make points with his Aunt Sissy, kindly pointed out a painting that he thinks looks like me. What do YOU think??

Monday, November 03, 2008

I love my family

I have to say how much I love my family! I really have great family- both on my side and Aaron's family here in Oregon! We had a fun Halloween together, and I have to post some pictures! It was just too darn cute seeing the kiddos trick-or-treat together. They had an awesome time!! And, I have mention how much I adore this picture of McKenna with Uncle Trask. Makes my heart melt!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hark: I bring tidings of Good News!

I know, three posts in one day. Can't help it. Just have to give another shout out to Shauna. As most of you probably know, she was featured on the 'Daily Style' page of For those of you who don't visit that site, it is amazing, and the fact that Shauna got on there is just too wonderful. And, fully deserved. Way to go Sho!

Luck of the Danish

There is a reason that you have never heard this term. It is because us Danes are NOT as lucky as the Irish. In fact, if you are this great Dane, you're downright unlucky! Or, maybe I should rephrase that to say, you are un-graceful, clumsy, and an accident waiting to happen. For instance, in the past year I have had 5 nasty falls, a bad sprain to my ankle, knee surgery, etc. Just this week, I had more fun with owies. Yesterday, I got a spider bite on my right knee (while driving to work, mind you). Today, I did a crazy ninja fall down the driveway of daycare, luckily I slid on only one knee. And even better, it was my LEFT knee. Now we're even. This just sucks. Anyway, I felt the need to bitch and complain.

Thank you, Thank you!!

A special shout out to my sweet sis-in-law for the rest of the cards she made me! They are WAY too cute. She is so talented and gifted, and a blessing to our family! Thanks for spreading the love, sis!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, dear readers, I have neglected to write the past few days. Of course, I couldn't come up with a witty blog title today, so I'm doing just what I said- writing a synopsis of the past few days. Included are questions for YOU.

The birds: As Trask, Shauna and Taylor can confirm, Sapphire and Topaz are two wild, wild feathered friends. They are still not warming up to me, instead they insist on creating a freak show appropriate for the circus everytime I try to handle them. Oh, the shame! As if their insane wing flapping and pecking is not enough, they insist on making their room look like millet manna fallen straight from the heavens.

The toddler: We've officially entered the stage where we are testing limits. It is the craziest thing- we go from huggies and kisses to slapping mama in the face. Ugh. However, I have my battle plan, and this too shall pass. Despite the trying times, I wouldn't trade a single thing! Our daughter is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me!

The holidays: Ok, so Shauna and I have been emailing back and forth about how to handle the holidays. Every year seems more and more stressful. It is trying to set that careful balance between trying to please both families. I am so done with that. This year a new plan will be implemented. What do you do to stay sane during the holidays??

Debt, how I hate thee: As we all know, times are lean right now. The economy sucks, and I think we all feel the effects from it. Aaron and I are working on trying to get out of debt, and boy is it hard! I am always, always interested in hearing ideas on how to save money, etc. Come on you frugal friends- I know you're out there!

The honey: My sweetheart is taking part 2 of his 4 part CPA test today- right now in fact. He is working so hard, and we SO cannot wait for this to be over. He has been in school our entire relationship, and it will be a blessing when he is done with this. McKenna and I won't know what to do when we actually have daddy around to play with us! Another note concerning Aaron. Anyone who knows him knows that he will always make sure to finish all leftovers (he should have been born in the depression era). So, I have a new nickname for him: Templeton. He is the rat from Charlotte's Web. I say it in the most appropriate and loving way, but still find it really funny. Do any of your significant other's have funny things they do?

OK, that's it. It is after 4pm, and my brain is kaput! I will be better about writing this week :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

For Sho Sho

Shauna- this is for YOU! If I win, you know what you are getting for your birthday present :-)

Wit- where art thou??

So, I'm listening to the same morning radio show that I listen to every morning. And this morning in particular, I am struck by how witty these two dj's are. Which reminds me how un-witty I am. Sure, I can be sarcastic, have really super elementary jokes and occassionally a good zing. But, I lack the quick wit. Hey- isn't that what they used to label people that were "different." Wasn't it called slow witted? I can't remember. So, don't go jumping to any conclusions or jokes on my behalf. I am not labeling myself as needing to ride the short bus. I am talking HUMOR people, humor. I wish I had quicker comebacks, perfect little funny sayings to say at just the right time (that were appropriate and not awkward). Grrr! What is one trait you wish that you had???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Kind of Socks do Pirates Wear??

Well, if that didn't catch your attention, I don't know what will. Anyway, hope all of you are doing dandy. Things here are alright- busy!!! I had a three day weekend, which was mainly spent at home getting stuff done. We are now down to just needing to paint the last wall in our bedroom. Yippee! Finally, we will have a real room, not just some funk-junk space! Other than that, McKenna is funnier than ever. And yes, it is involving bathroom humor. Amazing how quickly that comes about. She takes after her father.

For all of you who are wondering, the "birds" are doing fantastic. If you count pecking and spazzing out good- they are great! Big mean Topaz is teaching sweet Sapphire to peck at me. The nerve! Well, I haven't given up yet. The next step is to fashion on a long, thick bird handling glove. I will take pictures so you can mock and laugh.

So, because it seems that I can not ever abstain from asking questions of you all, here are a few. And, I expect, erm..I mean I hope to get answers this time!

1) Which is better- 1 child or 2 (or more). Why? Disclaimer: if you don't plan on having kiddos, you can still answer :-)

2) What is your favorite autumn meal or treat? If it is super easy and delicious, send the recipe!

3) Were you a "note writer" in jr. high or high school? If so, did you do the funky, pimped out folding job? Did any of you keep them? I'm longing for nostalgia and verbiage from the mid-90's, help me out here people.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Decorating- what's your style???

So, through help from Shauna and Amie, I am tackling my back bedroom. Listen, there is a reason that we usually keep the door closed to that room. It is a big room of nothingness. So, I figured we'd been living in this house for almost 3 years, it is time to do something with it. My dear friends decided that the room would look great done in shabby chic with some Southern influences. I loved the idea. So, I will post before and after pics. Mind you, I am NOT crafty. So, this is all new to me. I will be painting furniture, distressing it, etc. This could go a number of ways. Say a prayer for me- and sprinkle a little craft success dust my way! Also, did I mention that my budget (for now) is $50??? Later, we may put in different flooring, and that will add. But the initial cost is crazy. Let's see if I can do it. My plan is to reuse pieces around the house, and find a new use for them.

So, I want to know what your style is?? Overall, I am a pretty traditional/fancy kinda gal. I love the gold, burgandy, brown tones. What about you?? Also, do you have any really neat decorating ideas that you've done before? Cheap things that have really added to a room? How about pieces you've restored into something new? Let's hear from all of you creative geniuses out there. I KNOW who you are :-)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

So Here Are My Answers

So, it totally wouldn't be fair to through these insightful and well thought out questions, and not post my own answers. And, I know that you've been waiting on the edge of your seats for them!

Favorite song (of all time, or at the moment): Right now, "Roll with Me" by Montgomery Gentry. Speaks to me!

Favorite vacation: There have been so many I've enjoyed. When I was younger, it was Disney World with my family and our trip to Jackson Hole when I was 16. As an adult, I have several. But, there are two in particular. One was the road trip Aaron and I took to Reno, where he proposed to me on Lake Tahoe. The second was our honeymoon. Wonderful!

View you enjoy the most: From the parking lot at Oceanside. Memories abound there.

Who is God to you: Prince of Peace, Joy, Hope, Comforter and Redeemer, Father.

Your dream pet: I already have two of them. The lovely Sidney and unique Champ (see pic). In addition to those beauties, I would love a pot bellied pig.

What makes you feel valued: Kind words, compassion, thoughtfulness, recognition, hugs!

Regrets: I would love to say I don't believe in them. I believe in the theory that you shouldn't have them. But, I have plenty. Mostly, it was words unspoken to my Dad.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tell Me More

So, after a long and arduous day of having to think really hard for work (I know...gasp!), I thought I'd just put out a few questions to all (5) of you who may look at this post. Things that may be important some day, should I be randomly polled on my friends and family! Amuse me and play along!

Favorite song (of all time, or at the moment):
Favorite vacation:
View you enjoy the most:
Who is God to you:
Your dream pet:
What makes you feel valued:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blog-o Baby

What's up peeps?? So, due to the insistent urging of a few certain somebodies (ahem, Shauna), I have resurrected my blog. I'm old school, baby! I've been doing this forever! Well, not forever per se, seeing as I haven't posted in three years. But, I'm back and I'm sassy. What in the heck am I going to write about? Hmm...we'll see. But, I will try, try, try to post at least one thing a day (weekday!). For today, I will muse about onions and orchids. This is something Aaron taught me long ago. It's kinda the good and bad of the day. SO, my orchid would be my super-productiveness at work today. Onion, easily, getting up at the crack of dawn (not even dawn, it was still pitch black), anyway I digress. I had to get up stinkin' early to be at work for a 7am safety meeting. Good Lord. This was after I went to bed late, because I got the urge to do my Pilates. Why? Oh why do I do this to myself? Lack of sleep, and my abdominal muscles reminding me that they indeed still do exist, even if under a layer of ummm...insulation. OK, I've lost track of what I'm writing about, must be the lack of sleep. Geez. By the way, that beautiful baby you see here is my little doll- a new addition since I last blogged. I'd like to think that giving birth to her has increased my ability to write genius posts. We'll see about that.