Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Garden Oasis

Well, it is time to start our planting, gardening, landscaping, etc. I can't say that I totally love all of the labor that goes into it, but I LOVE the end product. This past weekend, we were busy putting color into the yard. We got great flowerboxes to go underneath the windows, filled whiskey barrels with flowers, got a big umbrella for our new table, etc. I even got some fun little glass tea light lantern things and tiki lights for outside. I was having so much fun getting "neat stuff" that Aaron promptly put the kabob on my shopping spree- saying things were getting a little too fun for me. Darn. But at least it's looking cool. It's going to be great to sit outside with the grill, and maybe even a propane heater (please honey!). So, that's what my time has been consumed with-- getting the outside to look nice, and doing spring cleaning inside (ugh!). Aside from all of that, my cousin is getting married on Thursday, St. Patty's Day! Should be fun, with Guiness abounding. It's always great to see all of the family and friends (great to see most of them anyway). But, that's about it. Write more soon.