Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tell Me More

So, after a long and arduous day of having to think really hard for work (I know...gasp!), I thought I'd just put out a few questions to all (5) of you who may look at this post. Things that may be important some day, should I be randomly polled on my friends and family! Amuse me and play along!

Favorite song (of all time, or at the moment):
Favorite vacation:
View you enjoy the most:
Who is God to you:
Your dream pet:
What makes you feel valued:


Shauna said...

Favorite song (of all time, or at the moment): Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight by Amos Lee, or any Amos Lee right now. Yummmmm.

Favorite vacation: Kauai 2005 Wedding and Honeymoon - I was thin and tan and happy. I am 1 of the three currently!(and it's not tan or thin!!)

View you enjoy the most: Ocean. So peaceful and makes me feel so small. God lives near the ocean. I know it.

Who is God to you: my support, my saving grace, my guide, my truth.

Your dream pet: a german wire short hair pup or yellow or chocolate lab

What makes you feel valued: being a mom and becoming a small business owner, volunteering my time and my husband

Regrets: can't live in the past

Jill said...

Favorite Song: No true favorite, just favorites at the moment, and I'm really digging Pink's "Who Knew" and Gwen Stefani's "Cool"

Favorite Vacation: Australia honeymoon. Like Shauna, I was thin, tan (as tan as possible for my whiteness) and happy! Now, I'm also just one of three. Take a wild guess which.

View I Enjoy Most: Corny answer--my boys laughing at each other. Never fails to make me warm and cuddly inside. ha ha ha! Ok, that was even a bit much for me! Gag. But it's still true.

Who is God to Me: My everything, and the reason I can't wait to go home someday! Love, comfort, joy, peace...He holds it all for me!

My Dream Pet: Chocolate lab or a nice, fat, lazy cat. The true dream, though? Either of the above that don't shed.

What makes me feel valued: being told I'm doing a good job raising two human beings and taking care of a home and hubby. I know millions of women have done it before me, but I still think it's harder than it looks and that it requires a ridiculous amount of patience! :) I love it.

Regrets: I'm with Summer--I'd love to say I don't have any, don't believe in them, but that would be a huge lie. I regret many things, the biggest of which was not saying enough to my sister to let her know how much I love her before she died. I know she knows, especially now, but I will never stop regretting that. It's the "if only" syndrome, I think...I also regret some rude things I've said in the past to loved ones with or without realizing it at the time. How's that for deeeeep??? :D

Summer said...

Thanks for sharing your answers ladies. It is always so interesting to hear other people's thoughts on this kind of stuff! I have to say- I admire both of you immensely for being stay at home mommies. It is the most important job in the world, and I can't even imagine the patience it would take. Way to go!! Jill, your regrets were touching. I understand so much what you mean. I know that our loved ones know, and are always with us. I think we have to accept those small little miracles and blessings that they bring us as their way of telling us that they understand, and that they are ever present!