Friday, December 19, 2008


Whispers of Dreams
Dreamt long ago
Fly by in the night
A chilly white wind
Gives them startled flight
Over barren fields
Frozen dirt where golden
Stalks once stood
Past rushing waters
Six months before held
Calm bubbling brook
Through partial open doors
A barn that once was
Only now it bears witness
To years past, neglected; sad
Through broken window pane
Lifting higher, higher
Snaking up rough old bark
Winding over evergreen
Back and forth
As if the needle were a violin
The dreams a bow
What is their "purpose"
Where shall they go?
Their sad song
Abandons forest, again taking flight
The pace quickens
Becomes panicked, searching
Are they to be lost for Good
Peeking in a candle-lit window
Urgently to wonder
If merit they held
Would hope beckon them
Home where they would take
Or would they march
Sullen and silent
Into frost tipped grass
Interrupted by gray slabs
With numbers, years
And dreams they once