Thursday, April 07, 2005

Long time, No blog

Hi all-

Still here, just been sooo busy with work and all that good stuff. We've been up to our eyeballs in honeymoon planning. Looks now like we'll be taking a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. Should be fun! Just trying to figure out which would be the best cruiseline for us, and what dates will work with our schedule. Have any of you ever taken a cruise? If so, I want details! Anyway, other than that, I am getting prepared for bridal showers (for my brother's fiance), weddings (my cousins), wedding receptions (my brothers), birthdays (my best friend's turning 40, my mom is turning 50)- enough to keep us all busy and broke!

This weekend should be quite chaotic around our household, as we are dog-sitting my mom's two dogs, in addition to our two. So, we'll have two little ones (Champ, our 25 pound baby boxer looking mutt. Eddie, my mom's 35-pound lhasa alpsa grouchy mix), and two big ones (Toshi, my mom's Boxer pup, and Sidney, our lab and shepard mix). Joy for all! Let' s just say that I'll be doing some puppy proofing tonight!

Write more soon...