Friday, October 17, 2008

Wit- where art thou??

So, I'm listening to the same morning radio show that I listen to every morning. And this morning in particular, I am struck by how witty these two dj's are. Which reminds me how un-witty I am. Sure, I can be sarcastic, have really super elementary jokes and occassionally a good zing. But, I lack the quick wit. Hey- isn't that what they used to label people that were "different." Wasn't it called slow witted? I can't remember. So, don't go jumping to any conclusions or jokes on my behalf. I am not labeling myself as needing to ride the short bus. I am talking HUMOR people, humor. I wish I had quicker comebacks, perfect little funny sayings to say at just the right time (that were appropriate and not awkward). Grrr! What is one trait you wish that you had???


Shauna said...

I wish I could be assertive. And sing. And filter the inappropriate from the appropriate things that come out of my mouth.

Shauna said...

and your brother stole everyone's soul, erm, I mean wit. Yes, wit. Although there is still plenty of room for him on the short bus. Derrrr.

Jill said...

I think the term is "Dim-witted", which I only know because I was so labeled. I was also told growing up that I was "big-boned" during my chunky preteen years. Ahhh the joys...ok I'm not totally serious there, I swear! I wish I could be softer, more loving and patient toward others and not such a witch. Sometimes I just feel like a hag. It's pretty sad, actually. I also wish I could fly, but without wings.