Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wind- Thou Art Frigid!

Yes, that's right. It is beautiful, sunny and freezing! The wind is ripping through the valley today and it is downright frigid. Why I wore a dress today is beyond me! Brrr! Anyway, keeping busy with work, which is always exciting and thrilling :-) Beyond that, I am looking forward to my step-grandparents visiting from Carson City, NV this weekend, going to the rodeo, etc. Anything exciting going on with anybody?? You know- you can now post comments to me without setting up a blogger account. So- write me back! Anyhow- I think I will get a haircut after work. My curls are rebelling- and my "bangs" are crazy! Hence them being held back by a bobby pin today. Yes, I figured that the 3 year old hair-do is pretty snazzy :-)

Summer over-and-out

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine, Oh Valentine...

Greetings all of my cupids-

In love or not... let me just say that I wont knock a day meant to enjoy flowers, chocolate or fancy dinners. Not that I am necessary partaking in any of them, but still, it's cool to know that there is a day dedicated to doing just that. If you are not in the "lovey-dovey" spirit, buy them for yourself!!

OK, enough about that. Things here have been hectic, of course. Last week my open house was finished. Yeah! Glad that's done- what a big event to put together. Other than that, just busy with work stuff, home stuff, dog stuff, etc. Ya know! So, what's exciting and new with all of you?? Anybody, anybody????