Thursday, December 29, 2005

Have a Rockin' Eve

Hi y'all!

I just wanted to wish each of you an awesome New Year's Eve! Aaron and I will be at my Mom's house for a rousing game (or 12) of Bunko, partnered with yummy finger foods. Don't laugh! Bunko is a great way to pass the time until midnight! This year I shall win grand prize! Or, at least one game!! Anyway, I hope that whatever you do is filled with fun! May 2006 bring each of you so much joy, happiness and blessings!

Drop a line if you get a chance, and let me know what your plans are :-)


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A long time coming...

Oh man- what kind of crazy slacker am I???? So, I am a blogging loser. But, with the New Year and everything, I will try to be so much better. I haven't been on here since May. That is like insane! It would be pages and pages if I tried to reminisce on everything that has been going on since then. I will say that I have now been married to my best friend for over 4 months. I am lucky to be with such a great person! We had a beautiful wedding and marvelous honeymoon. I only wish it wouldn't have gone by so quickly! Beyond that, Aaron and I have been busy with work and all that kind of stuff. Aaron has made leaps and bounds-- he graduated from college a little over a week ago! I am so proud of him! He will now work towards completing his additional credits to be able to sit for the CPA. I know that he will do great! Now that the New Year is coming, we are entering the crazy time of (hopefully) buying a home. We are ready to move in to a larger home closer to our family on the west side of the metro area. I am really hoping that despite the expensive home prices, we are able to find something good for us in our price range. I will let y'all know! Anyway, thanks to any one who is reading this!