Friday, October 29, 2004

It's Friday, Friday....

Hey Y'All-

Indeedy, it is Friday. And I am soooooo glad! I am looking forward to a weekend of showing off puppy costumes, cute trick-or-treaters and hopefully some time with friends :-) So, today I am thinking about:

  • The elections (still, of course)
  • Will there be a terror attack on or near the elections (with the release of the new bin Laden tape, I wonder if this is another hoax or could it be real. They've come out with so many things since 911, but yet, I cannot ignore these thoughts after what happened before).
  • Can I color my hair the color blonde that I want to? I mean, the tips are the perfect color, but the roots need improvement. Maybe my honey will help me :-)
  • How can I make extra money for Christmas presents and a trip to San Francisco. Is it true that money really grows on trees?? If so, I need directions!!

Well, enough ponderings for one afternoon. I am outta here (yes, an hour and a half early. but hey, it's Friday!)

Talk to you all Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My Babies Looking Sooooo Cute!! Posted by Hello


Yes, it is Thursday. Generally I enjoy this day, as it is almost Friday. But alas, today I am going to the dentist for a tooth that is being a major pain in my... mouth. This is our second attempt at fixing the cavity, and hopefully we can avoid a root canal (please, please!). Aside from that, I am being amused by the following things:
  • The drama on The Bachelor (Jayne is a complete nut job!!)
  • The excitement building up to the elections... yes, I am one of the weird ones who enjoys politics (GW!GW!)
  • My dogs in their Halloween costumes... they are so beautiful, adorable, cute, squeezable, etc.
  • My Aunt Berdie flying cross-country for the first time! To Georgia, nonetheless... Go Berdie!
  • The prospect of eating mucho Halloween candy this weekend. Mmm...candy

These are my thoughts as of 11:35 am...guaranteed to change by 11:36 am (I am a woman, after all- hear me my mind constantly)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hear Ye...Hear Ye...Summer is in da House!

Ah... so you've found my blog. Wonderful, spectacular, amazing, outstanding, etc. This is a place where I will post my daily musings about work, home, dogs, politics, etc. Feel free to comment (often) and share your views on MY views. Welcome, and y'all come back soon... you hear??