Friday, October 24, 2008

Luck of the Danish

There is a reason that you have never heard this term. It is because us Danes are NOT as lucky as the Irish. In fact, if you are this great Dane, you're downright unlucky! Or, maybe I should rephrase that to say, you are un-graceful, clumsy, and an accident waiting to happen. For instance, in the past year I have had 5 nasty falls, a bad sprain to my ankle, knee surgery, etc. Just this week, I had more fun with owies. Yesterday, I got a spider bite on my right knee (while driving to work, mind you). Today, I did a crazy ninja fall down the driveway of daycare, luckily I slid on only one knee. And even better, it was my LEFT knee. Now we're even. This just sucks. Anyway, I felt the need to bitch and complain.


Shauna said...

I will wrap you up in a blanket of protection and bubble wrap. You need me. Admit it.

Summer said...

You're right, I DO need you :-) Of course I do!