Friday, October 17, 2008

For Sho Sho

Shauna- this is for YOU! If I win, you know what you are getting for your birthday present :-)

Wit- where art thou??

So, I'm listening to the same morning radio show that I listen to every morning. And this morning in particular, I am struck by how witty these two dj's are. Which reminds me how un-witty I am. Sure, I can be sarcastic, have really super elementary jokes and occassionally a good zing. But, I lack the quick wit. Hey- isn't that what they used to label people that were "different." Wasn't it called slow witted? I can't remember. So, don't go jumping to any conclusions or jokes on my behalf. I am not labeling myself as needing to ride the short bus. I am talking HUMOR people, humor. I wish I had quicker comebacks, perfect little funny sayings to say at just the right time (that were appropriate and not awkward). Grrr! What is one trait you wish that you had???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Kind of Socks do Pirates Wear??

Well, if that didn't catch your attention, I don't know what will. Anyway, hope all of you are doing dandy. Things here are alright- busy!!! I had a three day weekend, which was mainly spent at home getting stuff done. We are now down to just needing to paint the last wall in our bedroom. Yippee! Finally, we will have a real room, not just some funk-junk space! Other than that, McKenna is funnier than ever. And yes, it is involving bathroom humor. Amazing how quickly that comes about. She takes after her father.

For all of you who are wondering, the "birds" are doing fantastic. If you count pecking and spazzing out good- they are great! Big mean Topaz is teaching sweet Sapphire to peck at me. The nerve! Well, I haven't given up yet. The next step is to fashion on a long, thick bird handling glove. I will take pictures so you can mock and laugh.

So, because it seems that I can not ever abstain from asking questions of you all, here are a few. And, I expect, erm..I mean I hope to get answers this time!

1) Which is better- 1 child or 2 (or more). Why? Disclaimer: if you don't plan on having kiddos, you can still answer :-)

2) What is your favorite autumn meal or treat? If it is super easy and delicious, send the recipe!

3) Were you a "note writer" in jr. high or high school? If so, did you do the funky, pimped out folding job? Did any of you keep them? I'm longing for nostalgia and verbiage from the mid-90's, help me out here people.