Friday, November 28, 2008

Kicking Off the Ho-Ho-Holidays

Good afternoon~

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with their family! I know that ours was very nice! We were lucky enough to enjoy a day at my Mom & Phil's house, complete with Trask, Shauna, Taylor, Phil Sr., Judy and Glen. A fun time was had by all- I think the best part was seeing the kiddos play together- they were way too cute. And, they are two troublemakers in the making. They totally are on the same page as far as doing naughty things, and they cover for each other. Too funny! We just loved watching them do their thing- even if it is tiring!

Today Trask, Shauna and Taylor were kind enough to come and visit me after they went downtown to watch the parade and see Santa! They even bought me 2 dougnuts-- what more could a girl ask for??? Thanks, guys!

Now that the holidays are here, and I'm looking plump as a holiday goose, I will make the official announcement that Aaron & I are expecting again! Yeah! It is a surprise, but God is in control and every child is a blessing. Stay tuned for musings and pictures of my ever growing Santa belly. No kidding, it feels like a bowl full of jello right now. I hate this stage- you just look like you got fat super quick- not preggo though. Uh, akward... :-)Anyway, we are excited!