Monday, November 01, 2004

Ode to Monday...

Monday, oh Monday. Why must you be? Could we skip straight to Thursday, how difficult could that be? You bring a cold, rainy mist, which really leaves me feeling pissed. My hair went flat, my heels go splat, through the puddles in the parking lot.

OK, but really, I wont be a total whiner. Yes, the day was depressing, grouchy, etc. But hey, that's all right. I am still going to be maintaining my happy-go-lucky attitude. No sarcasm, no criticism. Don't laugh! I'm trying here. Any upbeat comments would be helpful :-)

Signing out for today- S.

1 comment:

barbara said...

Yay! A new blog to read every morning. I love the picture of the pups. Rob wouldn't let me dress up Trudie. Spoilsport!