Friday, October 29, 2004

It's Friday, Friday....

Hey Y'All-

Indeedy, it is Friday. And I am soooooo glad! I am looking forward to a weekend of showing off puppy costumes, cute trick-or-treaters and hopefully some time with friends :-) So, today I am thinking about:

  • The elections (still, of course)
  • Will there be a terror attack on or near the elections (with the release of the new bin Laden tape, I wonder if this is another hoax or could it be real. They've come out with so many things since 911, but yet, I cannot ignore these thoughts after what happened before).
  • Can I color my hair the color blonde that I want to? I mean, the tips are the perfect color, but the roots need improvement. Maybe my honey will help me :-)
  • How can I make extra money for Christmas presents and a trip to San Francisco. Is it true that money really grows on trees?? If so, I need directions!!

Well, enough ponderings for one afternoon. I am outta here (yes, an hour and a half early. but hey, it's Friday!)

Talk to you all Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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surflizard said...

I love your blog site! What cute puppies!! I now have a site too!! We can blog together! Love you. Aaron