Thursday, October 28, 2004


Yes, it is Thursday. Generally I enjoy this day, as it is almost Friday. But alas, today I am going to the dentist for a tooth that is being a major pain in my... mouth. This is our second attempt at fixing the cavity, and hopefully we can avoid a root canal (please, please!). Aside from that, I am being amused by the following things:
  • The drama on The Bachelor (Jayne is a complete nut job!!)
  • The excitement building up to the elections... yes, I am one of the weird ones who enjoys politics (GW!GW!)
  • My dogs in their Halloween costumes... they are so beautiful, adorable, cute, squeezable, etc.
  • My Aunt Berdie flying cross-country for the first time! To Georgia, nonetheless... Go Berdie!
  • The prospect of eating mucho Halloween candy this weekend. Mmm...candy

These are my thoughts as of 11:35 am...guaranteed to change by 11:36 am (I am a woman, after all- hear me my mind constantly)

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