Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wind- Thou Art Frigid!

Yes, that's right. It is beautiful, sunny and freezing! The wind is ripping through the valley today and it is downright frigid. Why I wore a dress today is beyond me! Brrr! Anyway, keeping busy with work, which is always exciting and thrilling :-) Beyond that, I am looking forward to my step-grandparents visiting from Carson City, NV this weekend, going to the rodeo, etc. Anything exciting going on with anybody?? You know- you can now post comments to me without setting up a blogger account. So- write me back! Anyhow- I think I will get a haircut after work. My curls are rebelling- and my "bangs" are crazy! Hence them being held back by a bobby pin today. Yes, I figured that the 3 year old hair-do is pretty snazzy :-)

Summer over-and-out

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