Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'd rather be...

At the beach, playing with my pups, spending time with Aaron- basically doing anything FUN. It's nice out, and here I am chained to my cubicle. Oh well, my pocketbook may be a might upset if I protested work for too long. Anyway, just been busy here with work, and finally starting to look at wedding "stuff." After not being able to find the right invitations, and getting into an argument with a mean lady at the invitation shop (evidently, I know nothing about invitation etiquette), I have decided to make our invitations. With the help of some gifted friends who happen to be graphic designers, that is. Hopefully they will look good. We'll see :-) Also starting to look at flowers, honeymoon details, etc. Not even thinking about a dress until June, when hopefully my weight watchers efforts will be benefiting me. So, enough about that. Not a lot else exciting going on, is anything happening with anybody else???

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